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Migration from Framework7 v7 to v8

In this article we will walk through most of the breaking changes to check what needs to be done to migrate your app from Framework7 v7 to Framework7 v8.

You can also check the full changelog here

Removed Aurora Theme

We decided to focus exclusively on mobile applications and interfaces, which is what the Framework7 was originally created for. Therefore it was decided to remove Aurora theme.

Removed Functionality

The following components, modules and functionality have been removed:

App id, version, language

These app parameters and properties have been removed as anyway they not used anywhere in the app.

Dark Mode


Material You design arrives in Framework7 v8 with a lot of changes to color theming:

Swiper v9

Framework7 v8 comes with all new Swiper version 9 which has a lot of new features, especially new Swiper Element web component.



Timeline uses new classes according to new grid to specify amount of columns in horizontal timeline

hideDividers parameter has been renamed to hideGroupTitles.


angle parameter (prop) and layout class has been renamed to arrow.


Hairlines helper classes have been removed, as most of components now have outline/no-outline classes


By default strong block is rendered now without outline (borders), new block-outline class is required for that