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Framework7 also comes with features detection library.

It is available as a support property of Framework7 class (Framework7.support) and same property on initialized app instance (app.support):

// If we need it in place where we don't have access to app instance or before we init the app
if (!Framework7.support.touch) {
  console.log('No touch support');

// After we init the app we can access it as app instance property
var app = new Framework7({ /*...*/ });

if (!app.support.touch) {
  console.log('No touch support');


When we use Framework7 with ES modules, we need to use getSupport util instead:

import { getSupport } from 'framework7';

const support = getSupport();

if (!support.touch) {
  console.log('No touch support');

Support Properties

touchTouch events support (touchstart, touchmove, touchend)
pointerEventsPointer events support
intersectionObserverIntersection Observer support
passiveListenerPassive event listener support