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Contacts List Svelte Component

Contacts List is not a separate component, but just a particular case of using <List> and <ListItem> components.

Contacts List Properties

<List> properties
contactsListbooleanfalseAdds required additional styles for Contacts List


  import { Navbar, Page, List, ListGroup, ListItem } from 'framework7-svelte';

  <Navbar title="Contacts List" />
  <List contactsList ul={false} strongIos>
      <ListItem title="A" groupTitle />
      <ListItem title="Aaron " />
      <ListItem title="Abbie" />
      <ListItem title="Adam" />
      <ListItem title="Adele" />
      <ListItem title="Agatha" />
      <ListItem title="Agnes" />
      <ListItem title="Albert" />
      <ListItem title="Alexander" />
      <ListItem title="B" groupTitle />
      <ListItem title="Bailey" />
      <ListItem title="Barclay" />
      <ListItem title="Bartolo" />
      <ListItem title="Bellamy" />
      <ListItem title="Belle" />
      <ListItem title="Benjamin" />
      <ListItem title="C" groupTitle />
      <ListItem title="Caiden" />
      <ListItem title="Calvin" />
      <ListItem title="Candy" />
      <ListItem title="Carl" />
      <ListItem title="Cherilyn" />
      <ListItem title="Chester" />
      <ListItem title="Chloe" />
      <ListItem title="V" groupTitle />
      <ListItem title="Vladimir" />